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Sound absorbing wool

December 1, 2009 Textile and Wallpaper


These rugs and sound absorbing mats by Lomakka are manufactured through a process, which employs a combination of industrial and handicraft techniques. This fabrication procedure emphasizes the wool fibres unique properties together with the raw character of the felt. They are the perfect solution to adorn spaces requiring good acoustic properties whilst maintaining aesthetic cohesion.

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Interactive wallpaper

November 30, 2009 Textile and Wallpaper


The interactive wallpaper design “Tears off” is developed in collaboration with emerging Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese and the Berlin design duo Studio Hausen. It looks just like a regular wallpaper – white and simple, featuring light perforated pattern. But here comes the secret – the design of perforation is made in a way, which lets you develop a unique design by tearing off peaces of wallpaper. The color and pattern of the wall behind the wallpaper will create additional dimension to the design.

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Innovative blinds

August 24, 2009 Textile and Wallpaper


Systems of Innovative blinds for modern interior by Ann Idstein. In addition to regulate the flow of light, modern systems of blinds are an important element in the interior. The new modules are made of materials such as plastic, cloth, paper or metal, are mounted between two wires. The system offers many practical opportunities in the modeling environment.

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Art Pillow

July 8, 2009 Textile and Wallpaper


Championing great artists from the world’s of Street Art, Digital Art, Graphics, Urban Art, Low-Brow Art, lllustration and Graffiti, alongside more traditional fine artists. An alternative collection of new art – all produced in Limited Editions and presented in high-quality, affordable formats, by

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