September 29, 2008 Product Design


Buzzizone are acoustic and spatial environmental factor suitable for home and office. This is a factor that has transformed as part of the nursery, office space or angle for reading. Panels are flexible and can be assembled without any tools. Saskia Adriaenssens designer wants to create a product that gives consumers the freedom to choose and transform themselves space in their home. Read More

LUM Collection

September 29, 2008 Modern Lighting


LUM is a collection of luminaries of Peter Straka, founder of KAIA -producer of luminaries from Vienna. The construction of nickel-plated, polished brass LUM create many stars, rectangular forms and other attractive, geometric forms, depending on the perspective of the viewer. Read More

In kindergarten

September 26, 2008 Interior Design Ideas


Kindergarten was built with the idea of multi-functionality room. With some simple movements can be changed every room in the new rooms of different sizes and functions.

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Birds and humans

September 26, 2008 Accessories


Jim Schatz design and create products inspired by the shape of eggs in a unique and innovative way. Thus is born a series feeders and houses for birds. All products are designed to be in harmony with the environment and carry the good mood. Read More

Fragile Lab

September 25, 2008 Landscaping


Building complex with four features – warehouse, showroom, office and duplex apartments, united by the green wall. New method of displaying flowers in the urban environment.

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Watches of sea sand

September 24, 2008 Product Design


New approach to design and manufacture of watches demonstrate Johan Forsberg. Each product was his own, unique recipe that includes specially produced sea sand, water and concrete. Read More

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