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Giardini Wallcoverings

March 13, 2013 Textile and Wallpaper


This debut collection is called Tiffany, the first in a series of innovative products by Giardini Wallcoverings that will be launched in 2013. A sophisticated collection that – starting with its name – calls to mind stylish, exclusive settings; a bold yet sensitive collection, softened by skillful blending of materials. Read More

Drop of light

March 7, 2013 Modern Lighting


Suspension lamps designed by the Javier Herrero Studio for LZF. The Raindrop lamp is a delicate handcrafted drop shaped lamp, made with fine wood veneer strips through which light flows from a glass ball placed inside the lamp. Read More

Light Jars

February 20, 2013 Product Design


The family of Light Jars designed by Kristine Five Melvær, they captures the light and displays it as the precious treasure it is. By placing beloved objects and trinkets in them, the lamps can literally be filled with personal meaning. Read More


September 28, 2012 Art in Interiors

The idea of this work comes from a personal experience of the artist, Yoan Capote, to push the teeth the effect of stress, but we can also consider this sculpture as a monument to the collective experience of stress in contemporary urban life. Read More

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