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Words that inspire

November 10, 2011 Design Ideas

The agenda of the company is to offer a service that allows people to have the words that inspire them made up as art, be it lyrics, poetry or film quotes. The idea is that the words themselves provide the form; while we recognise and appreciate great design, the choice of using words alone is a conscious reaction to solely graphic representation in art. Read More

Manhattan Series

October 12, 2011 Art in Interiors

In this new body of abstracts entitled “Manhattan Series,” Downs creates densely layered paintings that dance on the picture plane to openings that disclose colored layers underneath. His compositions display such a deep engagement with the formal and esthetic potential of paint on canvas that they do not fit easily within any recognizable category of contemporary art. The works brings one word to mind — energy, a sense of action. Read More

Architectural piles of color

September 18, 2011 Art in Interiors

Sydney Licht composes contemporary still life paintings, borrowing from the everyday. Licht places her focus on containers such as shopping bags and candy boxes, creating architectural piles of color, pattern and form. Read More

57m2 generous space for living

August 29, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

The flat is designed for long-term rental. It is situated on the second floor of an apartment building from the 19th century. The design of the interior consists of minor construction adaptations to the original layout and first and foremost to the design of the built-in furniture. Read More

Nifty Modular Wall Coverings

Using a combination of cards and connecting crosses, IXXI allows users to make, build, and install their own wallpaper, room divider, or wall covering in any size. Looking for some inspiration? The site also has a special collection of pre-designed works like this charming Girl With a Pearl Earring pixelart covering. Read More

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