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One Loop Apartment

March 30, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The new apartment is conceived as one seamless corridor that turns, bends and eventually loops itself. The singular passageway expands and contracts interestingly to accommodate the diverse programs within this apartment. Read More

To create open plan space

March 28, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The project is the renovation of an apartment contained within an Art Nouveau building originally designed and built in 1902. Many of the existing partitions were removed to create a more continuous space, Read More

Stockholm apartment interior

March 12, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The apartment was originally made for one person with a mid range budget and total freedom for the architect to do almost whatever he wanted. Because of the use of cheap material the focus could be in all details. The interior is custom made by the carpenters. Read More

Discrete elegance

March 5, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The house was built in the recently parcelled suburb area of a provincial town, intersected by vineyards. Designed by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi, this building with its sharp contour and discrete elegance at the same time stands out immediately from the neighbourhood. Read More

Home for an art lover

February 27, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Located on a Parisian 19th century housing building, an apartment is entirely re-designed by SWAN Architectes to make a home for an art lover. Initially partitioned into a series of small rooms, the dwelling space is now wide open, emphasizing the east/west orientation axis that allows natural light to spread in all day long from side to side. Read More

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