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Boutique hotel in Porto

January 2, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Portuguese studio Pedra Liquida has completed the Casa do Condo project. The architects have renovated and converted a 19th-century bourgeois home in Porto into a boutique hotel with a total of six luxuriously furnished and equipped rooms. Read More

Between the “old” and the “new”

December 29, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

This project tries to recreate the habitation spaces , preserving the identity of the architectonic object already existent, but with a greater cosmopolitan and contemporary touch, searching a symbiosis between two languages chronologically distant, intending  to create an “actualized” architectonic object belonging to the sensory universe of this place from Porto city. Read More

“Post-graffiti” apartment

December 15, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

Architecture and art are found side by side in order to create a vivid and dynamic, welcoming and friendly, ensemble at this Apartment Building in Luxembourg. This is the interior of one of the 48 sqm studio. Considering the narrowness of the apartments only the bathrooms are separated by wall whereas the rest of the space is structured using furniture, assigning the different functions. Read More

Choosing Bedroom Furniture – Some Starting Tips

Your own personal space, the bedroom is a room that we all spend a lot of time in. Whether you are resting or just need some personal time it is the room where we feel most comfortable and most at home. This is why choosing your bedroom furniture to accommodate for your personality and needs is important to ensure that you can feel truly comfortable in your personal space. Add to this the long term investment that comes with buying new furniture you will want to make sure you get it right first time, such as choosing quality oak bedroom furniture instead of more flimsy materials.. Of course, at the end of the day it is your own intuition that will help you select your perfect pieces, but hopefully the following tips can be of help. Read More

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