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40 m2 flat

February 8, 2013 Interior Design Ideas


Design concept: smart, cool solutions, masculine colours and use of materials. Space design are leading and reflecting to each other, the flat is only 40 m2 all together, but fells much more spacious. Read More

Great king size beds and mattresses for your master bedroom

January 29, 2013 Bedroom Design


Tired of fighting with your plus-one for any spare space on the double bed? Then it might be time to upgrade to a king size bed! King size is already the standard bed size in America and in most European countries, so why not follow the trend and treat yourselves to more space and less conflict in bed? Don’t worry you will still be able to find other grounds for disagreement in the bedroom such as “what should be the new bed made from: leather?” or “With or without the headboard?” Read More

25hours Hotel Zürich West

December 3, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Creating an energetic and joyous interior landscape, Zurich resident and award-winning interior designer Alfredo Häberli has scribbled his personal city recommendations on surfaces and objects throughout the hotel, Read More

Great-grand parents house

November 14, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Functional, warm house with single level plan designed by Jesus Davila Architects. The house is opened as much as possible to the sun, air, and a small existent garden. Two large windows illuminated the space completely. Read More

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