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Area Bed

October 30, 2012 Bedroom Design, Furniture Design

Transcending the simple notion of the bedroom as a place to sleep, Area Bed by Alain Gilles for Magnitude includes coordinated modular add-on components – expandable headboard, bedside table, drawer-like “pocket table”, repositionable lamp, bench – allowing you to reconfigure a conventional sleeping space any number of new ways. Read More

Small apartment in Sofia

October 19, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The small apartment of a lawyer/photographer, located near the ancient Women’s bazaar in the city center of Sofia, is surrounded by the authentic view of low density brick buildings from the beginning of the twentieth century. The main goal of the interior project is to reconcile the spirit of the neighborhood with the contemporary look of the living space. Read More

Sao Paulo apartment

October 17, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Located in Sao Paulo, this 90m² apartment was reformed and received as coating sustainable materials like certified handling wood in the floor and in some walls. The kitchen walls were removed and replaced by a intermixed tone of green olive glass. In the side wall there’s a graffiti of a young artist. Read More

Skate Park House

September 11, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The owners of this house, a young married couple, made a special request in regards to the design of their house, located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Shibuya ward. They wanted both a skateboard park and a piano rehearsal room to reflect their own individual interests. Read More

Top Reasons for Choosing a Faux Leather Bed

August 30, 2012 Bedroom Design

If you love the look of leather and animal-hide but don’t want to use the genuine article in your home faux leather is a great alternative. So, if you love animal hide why not use the real thing? There are many reasons why people choose faux rather than genuine, here’s a few of the main reasons although the list is not exhaustive. Read More

What is a TV bed?

August 24, 2012 Bathroom Design

Recent years has seen an influx in the sales of TV beds. With demand on the rise, the designs have become increasingly bespoke and contemporary, ensuring that this is not simply another tacky gadget suitable only for a bachelor pad, but is befitting of the most stylish and elegant of bedrooms. Read More

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