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May 27, 2010 Interior Design Ideas

Amsterdam studio Nezu Aymo Architects have completed the interiors for a Japanese shop in Amsterdam with strips of bamboo hanging from the ceiling. Called Japanse Winkeltje, a gallery space, shop and Japanese culture centre are housed on three separate floors. The interior walls and ceilings on all floors are covered in natural materials. One side of the shop features undulating fabric shelves and on the other side loops of white mesh made of paper yarn soaked in rice water surround the wooden shelves. Read More

Clover Lamp

Clover Lamp by Spanish designer Alberto Sánchez of MUT Design, shown at the exhibition in Milan. Faithful to its commitment to the environment, it places nature as main source of inspiration, this line, for instance takes the silhouette of a clover as an influence. Composed of three identical structures on which color strings are woven of colors, Clover illumination allows complete customization by offering numerous possibilities of color. Read More

Tuffet-Stacking stool and table set

The stools are made from sawdust and resin, from a process in its infancy developed by Turners and Moore and Purewhyte. The Sawdust and resin mix is molded under high pressure and heat. The resulting material can then be worked and finished like timber. This process uses a material that would usually be thrown away; using a mould also means a larger shape can be made with less wastage in comparison to solid timber. The complete set of three stools and a small table can be stacked away and also used as a side table. Read More


May 12, 2010 Furniture Design

“Forkola” by Karim Rashid is currently being showcased as part of ‘tra le briccole di venezia’, a project initiated by italian company Riva 1920 at the triennale museum for Milan design week 2010. The exhibition involves 22 leading names from the design, art and fashion world, supporting ecologic values and linked to the re-use of a peculiar product belonging to the venetian landscape: the ‘briccole’. Any one who is interested in design will be able to see just how stunning these pieces are. It’s amazing how art and furniture can be combined to create something as stunning as this. Read More

Nanimarquina at the heart of the Barcelona

April 13, 2010 Carpets and Flooring

Nanimarquina‘s Barcelona base will be the company’s first show space to date. The showroom-cum-store is set within a disused garage at the heart of the city. The showroom plays host to the full range of Nanimarquina’s high-colour rug designs. The rugs are complimented by various found objects from across the globe, littered around the space. Antique furnishings bring life to the whitewashed space. Read More

Friend House Hotel

April 1, 2010 Interior Design Ideas

In this project were used exclusively ecological harmless materials: clay, reed and wood. Construction’s carcasses designed from wood and shell stone. Cobwork cocoons of room are united by the roof plate. All furniture and lighting are designed by project -manufacturing company “Ryntovt Design”. Read More

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