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3 Easy Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

March 25, 2015 Design Ideas


It’s hard to imagine profitably selling your home in the post-recession economy. Rather than looking at an inviting property ladder you simply can’t wait to climb, years of austerity have left you staring anxiously into a seemingly bottomless abyss, as For Sale signs in your area mobilise like some kind of miserable wooden army. Read More

New way to support young craftspeople

October 19, 2014 Accessories


Established in Spring 2013 from an idea by Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein, Incipit has distinguished itself through the originality of doing business. Incipit is a training laboratory, a workshop where designers can refine their art and craft of being a contemporary designer. Incipit is an innovative solution, an opportunity for young designers to make their ideas real projects, supporting them in overcoming the difficulties of talking to the traditional manufacturing companies and the market. Read More

Onstage House

March 8, 2013 Interior Design Ideas


SimmenGroup based in Switzerland built a modern house called Onstage House. Large windows made of glass are wide open to interaction through the exterior. The interior give the impression of modernity and elegance. At the outside there is a pool and a magnificent garden. Read More

Light Jars

February 20, 2013 Product Design


The family of Light Jars designed by Kristine Five Melvær, they captures the light and displays it as the precious treasure it is. By placing beloved objects and trinkets in them, the lamps can literally be filled with personal meaning. Read More

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