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Clare Woods’ Art

December 8, 2010 Art in Interiors

Clare Woods’ paintings are derived from her photographs of undergrowth and vegetation, which are taken at night, often in desolate, contested or overlooked locations such as areas of scrub or deep woodland. Painstakingly transcribed using layers of enamel paint on aluminium, the resulting images are often ambiguous and disturbing, claustrophobic in their detail, and psychologically-charged. Read More

Green invasion

November 22, 2010 Landscaping

The recovery of the Historic Center of Lima has become a important theme. Today it is possible to find a series of activities that aim to transform this spot in an important cultural center for citizens. The institution “Gran Semana de Lima”presented project, in which takes part different urban artist, interventions and Latin American artists. Read More

“Greenest” home décor

November 19, 2010 Product Design

One of the “greenest” home décor and accessories collections currently offered in North America.  Еcostasy collection was assembled applying stringent environmental and social criteria and includes many products never before offered in North America. Ecostasy is offering a holiday special of 20% off our entire collection (valid through December 31, 2010).  Enter “Holidays” at checkout.
Read More

To re-use the shipping container

October 20, 2010 Design Ideas

Architects are always looking for new ways to re-use the shipping container.  Studio Astori De Ponti Associati  continues to push this design study further with the Green Frame House project.  The two story home consists of six shipping containers placed beside and on top of each to create more dynamic, open spaces.  It also sports solar panels, a wind turbine and floor-to-ceiling energy efficient windows to provide more natural light. Read More

La Classe

October 15, 2010 Interior Design Ideas

This amazing old village school converted into this gorgeous four-star hotel in the heart of the most beautiful region of Belgium. The owners’ concept for La Classe came from wanting to break away from the traditional idea of rustic group accomodations. It’s obvious that the seven-rooms auberge was designed with comfort, relaxation and refinement in mind. From designer furniture to meticulously landscaped gardens, everything in this place reflects a high standard of taste. Read More

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