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Spirit of lightness

April 11, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The project consists in the complete transformations of the first two levels of a hundred years old triplex in the Plateau Mont-Royal. La SHED Architecture has restored building and turned them into a large contemporary apartment. Read More

Cubism in the kitchen

April 4, 2012 Design Ideas, Kitchen Design

The project-Cubism in the kitchen, was submitted to zaInteriora, by the designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova from Gemelli Design Studio.” Often the kitchen design is mainly aimed to its ergonomics.  However this can lead to loose of its originality. Read More

Marble trays

March 27, 2012 Accessories, Product Design

London-based Shiro studio has developed a series of marble trays, Mare Tranquilitatis, conceived by applying the lunar craters analogy, where every intersecting concavity is metaphorically carved by the mass and weight of the resting objects. Read More

Stockholm apartment interior

March 12, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The apartment was originally made for one person with a mid range budget and total freedom for the architect to do almost whatever he wanted. Because of the use of cheap material the focus could be in all details. The interior is custom made by the carpenters. Read More

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