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Light Drop

September 5, 2013 Product Design


Light Drop, an illuminating diversion. This lamp by e27 makes no secret of its special effects. The perforated metal top over a hand-blown glass base not only serves as the lampshade, but also diffuses the light, providing a soft luminosity. Read More

Very special lights by Luzifer

April 3, 2013 Modern Lighting


A collection of lighting that brings past aesthetics into the present while at the same time exploring new ways to make light and shadow intertwine and propose new lighting solutions from delicately treated wood. Read More

Armille by Studiòvo

February 5, 2013 Modern Lighting




 Looking back, taking the purity and authenticity of the primitive forms without renounce to the plenty of content and meaning hidden in every object, in every place, in every story. Read More

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