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Modular Systems

Area Bed

October 30, 2012 Bedroom Design, Furniture Design

Transcending the simple notion of the bedroom as a place to sleep, Area Bed by Alain Gilles for Magnitude includes coordinated modular add-on components – expandable headboard, bedside table, drawer-like “pocket table”, repositionable lamp, bench – allowing you to reconfigure a conventional sleeping space any number of new ways. Read More

Objects with unique design identity

October 19, 2012 Furniture Design

Kenyon Yeh has his own inspiration in his collection, he believed that personality and characteristic can be transferred into an object creating a unique design identity. Whether in shape and practice, in other hand the objects are breaking some principles and applications twisted into collectable design. Read More

Single-storey bungalow house

September 20, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The house is designed in an orthogonal ‘doughnut’ shape, with the interior spaces surrounding a central open courtyard. The ‘doughnut’ configuration allows the owner to enjoy a secured outdoor space inside the building during the evenings after work, Read More

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