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Eco-Sustainable House

April 24, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Completely built in wood panels placed on a pedestal , the house is completely prefabricated in a workshop and delivered to the site to be finally assembled in just two weeks. This is a building system in Finnish wood panels that come from sustainably managed cooperatives of small private forest owners. Read More

Stairway to Heaven

April 20, 2012 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

Stairway to Heaven, hanging light system by the Netherlands-based studio Bertjan Pot, a winner of the FRAME moooi award 2012, a collaboration between dutch furniture company Moooi and FRAME magazine. Read More

Reconstruction of a small house

April 9, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Reconstruction of a small house, for a limited budget in the center of the city of Ghent. If this isn’t in your budget, you always have the option to leverage the equity of your home.  By seeing the house as a sequence of three elements/parts with varying heights, different conditions could be realized. Read More


March 15, 2012 Furniture Design

After years of development, the unique and exclusive dinner table BLISS. The table is made out of one piece, which the design highlights. The one-piece design makes the back side significant for the total impression. With personal selections in color and material the Bliss can get an extravagant or a more modest impression. Read More

To incorporate greenery

February 24, 2012 Landscaping

From Offecct asked Hederström to find a way to incorporate greenery into office environments, open spaces and to provide the possibility to create spatiality. He created room divider Read More

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