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Abstract floral art

April 6, 2012 Art in Interiors

Raymond Saá ‘s works are graphic and flat, like the graffiti visible around the neighborhood. As well elegant and abstract floral designs painted on these non-conventional surfaces. Read More

Restaurant in red

December 30, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

The restaurant is divided into two interrelated areas. The first considers the access and reception, the hub, the box and the main exit to the terrace and backyard. The second is larger in size and consists of an open kitchen to the dining room. The two areas are defined by heaven pyramid, similar in height and shape. Read More

A new design brand-Nosigner

September 27, 2010 Furniture Design, Product Design

The young Japanese architect Nosigner recently showcased ‘AWA’, a new range of furniture he created in collaborative work  with Tokushima based traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Like his previous works this collection shows as well Nosigner´s focus on the cultural background of his pieces. The craftsmanship , the material or the apperance – all his works subtly contain some tradisional, original Japanese aspects. Read More

CookieBar by vPPR Architecture

June 24, 2010 Design Ideas

CookieBar popped-up in Manhattan for Valentine’s day, featuring an enticing window display constructed out of 200 reclaimed cookie-cutters. Each cookie cutter was riveted together to form a glittering lattice structure, within which the merchandise was suspended. Some were then backed with red transparent plastic. Read More

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