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White residence

July 1, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

The assignment consists of designing an isolated single-family house for a family of three. The intention is for the house to be used mainly for weekend stays and during the summer period, but it could be transformed into a normal residence in the future. Read More

Contemporary, loft-like space

May 18, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

On a swallow spot near the river Dommel, in downtown Eindhoven, a town villa from 1930 is located, designed by Louis Kooken, founder of the 110 year existing architecture office De Bever Architecten. The interior of one of the dwellings in the villa has now been refurbished by the current architects of the office, Stefan de Bever and Heleen van Heel. Read More

Fortress of solitude

April 1, 2011 Art in Interiors

Barry Maxwell`s work is focused on the formal elements of painting and drawing: line, form, and color. Expanding on attachment to ink and paper, he has been layering opaque acrylic shapes over translucent acrylic ink washes. He is interested in the contrasting painterly approaches and the depth it creates. Read More

Traditional white greek house

March 7, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

Set in the harsh and austere landscape, the house shining in his traditional white greek.  The volumes that we could almost be called the rationalist architecture already put in place, in fact, the pleasant suspicion of anything unusual. We are at Antiparos, a small Cycladic island of Paros in front. On top of a hill, the house designed by architects Deca, of Athens, overlooking a panorama of rock and sea and is … dominated. Read More

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