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Open-plan flexible interior

August 13, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Open-plan flexible interior of an apartment in Sydney, Australia. Contemporary remodel by CO-AP Architects. They were demolished many of the existing walls, opening up the apartment to light, air and space. Siding wall panels providing access to the main bedroom and utility areas beyond. Read More

Monochrome interior decor

July 20, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Monochrome interior decor by Norm Architects. The interior is whit bright white walls and large glass panels. The project was photographed for Dwell Magazine, where white faces in many layers, shapes and folds. A complete white house where the light even on gray days, creates lots of lives. Read More

Unique spa decor

July 2, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Bliss Spa is a company with a very strong identity. The challenge the design team faced was to create a unique 3-story spa that evoked regional influences from the Miami area while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of a heavily branded organization. Read More

Bohemian aesthetic boutique hotel

June 26, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, have teamed up with Design Hotels to launch the new elegant 34-room boutique hotel located at San Giorgio beach. Harnessing the vagabond-chic of ’60s bohemian aesthetic, San Giorgio is a perfect slice of Mediterranean paradise; white-washed walls, hipy fabrics, carefully selected design objects. Read More

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