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Spirit of lightness

April 11, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

The project consists in the complete transformations of the first two levels of a hundred years old triplex in the Plateau Mont-Royal. La SHED Architecture has restored building and turned them into a large contemporary apartment. Read More

Abstract floral art

April 6, 2012 Art in Interiors

Raymond Saá ‘s works are graphic and flat, like the graffiti visible around the neighborhood. As well elegant and abstract floral designs painted on these non-conventional surfaces. Read More

Mysterious perfection

April 4, 2012 Furniture Design

Missix is a small armchair made of rotational molded polythene and featuring a fully modern and clean design. And yet its soul looks back at the mysterious Minoan spirals from Santorini. Read More

Apartment renovation in Oviedo

March 23, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

This is an apartment in a historic building of old town- Oviedo, near the cathedral. Within it is a single space (open plan) divided by a stone wall and doors, which makes all areas of housing open like a gallery (facing south). Read More


March 16, 2012 Modern Lighting

Spanish designer Arturo Alvarez has created this series of delicate, organically-shaped suspension lights inspired by the beauty and structural complexity of aquatic life. Read More

White minimalist house

March 15, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

260 sqm modern minimalist house is located in the unlikely setting of the rural town of even Yehuda, 20 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. The concept for the house was inspired by the work of minimalist artist Walter De Maria- Gothic Shaped Drawing that’s is showing a basic one line 2 dimensional shape of a house, almost as is drawn by a child. Read More

To incorporate greenery

February 24, 2012 Landscaping

From Offecct asked Hederström to find a way to incorporate greenery into office environments, open spaces and to provide the possibility to create spatiality. He created room divider Read More

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